LABOOCA® masterclasses

Have you ever been to one of Marlon Connor’s amazing workshops or masterclasses, and were you blown away by this sports and fitness phenomenon? Then you should definitely try his program LABOOCA®! LABOOCA®; Latin Bootcamp, combines brandnew muscle-activating exercises that will trigger muscles throughout your entire body with effective tae bo and bootcamp moves to smooth and sexy Latin beats. An amazing fitness experience you’ll want to be part of!


Are you looking for just that little bit more? A brandnew, high intensity workout that gives your body a boost and makes you sweat, while putting a smile on your face at the same time? Then LABOOCA® is the thing for you! Mastertrainer Marlon Connor and his LABOOCA® team performmasterclasses all over the world, so just check out our calender below for all upcoming events. No masterclass near you? Don’t worry, if you know a location, then we will show up! Please contact us through and we’ll get back to you soon.


Upcoming masterclasses