Are you interested in LABOOCA®? Do you want to join us for a masterclass or become an instructor? Please feel free to contact us with all your comments and questions! You can reach us by email: We’ll answer you as soon as possible!
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LABOOCA® in Groningen, NL

If you’re ever near, you can always visit us or participate in our classes. On your right, you’ll find our class schedule for Groningen, NL. This is where we work out and where all the creative thinking happens. Please feel free to join! We’re located right here:

LABOOCA® Groningen
Slenk 2
9746 RS Groningen
The Netherlands

Host a LABOOCA® event

Do you want to host a LABOOCA® event at your facility? We are currently planning LABOOCA® instructor training weekends and masterclasses all over the world. Be a part of this fitness craze! Email your request to and you’ll hear from us soon!