LABOOCA®: Latin Bootcamp

Whereas throughout the years a lot of different dance- and fitnesstrends have come and gone, sports fanatics now have something to look forward to. A new fitness program is about to conquer the Netherlands, as well as Germany, Belgium and Spain. This new program is called LABOOCA®, which stands for ‘Latin Bootcamp’. Combining brandnew muscle-activating exercises with effective tae bo and bootcamp moves, LABOOCA® proves to be a workout that targets your muscles, tones your body and makes you sweat. Adding some supple and sexy dance moves to the mix, the outcome is an amazing fitness experience that you’ll want to repeat over and over again!


The new fitness craze: LABOOCA®

The LABOOCA® program has been developed by Marlon Connor, who is a sports- and fitness specialist as well as a physical therapist. Marlon is a well known name in the fitness world, recognized for developing the aquafitness program in the Netherlands and for his multiple appearances on Dutch and German television. One of his latest projects was successfully introducing Zumba® to The Netherlands. For years he worked on putting his own unique vision to paper and sharing his knowledge and passion with the rest of the world. And now, the moment is finally there: LABOOCA® is born.

Although not yet formally introduced, LABOOCA® indicates to become the newest fitness craze. Some reactions to the first couple of LABOOCA® masterclasses say it all: “Again, again! This was a party-feeling, workout and more. Sensational!”, and “This class rocked! Thank you so much!!”