Creator of LABOOCA®

The LABOOCA® program has been developed by Marlon Connor. Marlon is half American and half Antilian currently residing in Groningen, The Netherlands. He has been a sports- and fitnessinstructor, aquaspecialist and physical therapist for over 20 years. Marlon got his degree as a sports teacher and then went on to become a physical therapist at the highly specialized Thim van der Laan Institute. During his study he was already teaching aquarobics, aerobics and fitness, while also developing a curriculum for aquarobics.

With his passion for fitness, Marlon has always been on the lookout for new fitness trends. In 2007 he became a Zumba® instructor and worked together with the management on introducing this program to the Netherlands. In 2008 he hosted the first Dutch instructor training and not soon after that Marlon became a Zumba® Educational Specialist, licensed to educate new instructors for the specialties: Zumba® Gold, Zumba® Toning, ZumbAtomic® and Aqua Zumba®. Nowadays, Marlon stepped away from Zumba® and focusses completely on his own fitness program LABOOCA®.


Marlon Connor about developing LABOOCA®

During his years as a sports- and fitnessinstructor, Marlon noticed that there was a high demand for more knowledge among the instructors he encountered. It was this demand that insprired him to create LABOOCA®:

“Dance- and fitnessinstructors are great people with a real passion for teaching. Unfortunately, they’re not always provided with the right knowledge about anatomy, the muscular system and how to integrate fitness aspects into a workout. As a result, the full effect and potential of a workout gets lost in translation to an actual class. Although those classes are fun, there is a demand for a more challenging workout among the participants which would make doing regular fitness obsolete. The demand for more knowledge from instructors on the one side, and for a more challenging class from participants on the other side, were the foremost reasons for me to develop LABOOCA®.”